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Majority Minority - Shared screen with speaker view
Gözde Böcü (Moderator, she/her)
Hello everyone, I will be moderating the chat. Please pose your questions/comments in the chat and we will address them in the Q&A.
Gözde Böcü (Moderator, she/her)
Reminder: Please pose all your questions/comments in the chat and we will address them in the Q&A.
Billie-Dhelia Laforest
Please can you expand on the concept of gerrymandering? How does it affect voting rights ?
Gözde Böcü (Moderator, she/her)
Please pose your questions in the chat or type “Q” to line up to ask your question in the Q&A directly. Thank you.
Hugh Ragan
Your ‘pivot’ re. Ideology pits universalist approach against superiority approach. Where do you think multiculturalism fits into this spectrum, and do you think recognizing distinct, non-universalist identities can be made inclusive?
Maya Fillion
Q - We have seen immense partisanship, division and polarization in the US throughout the last two elections. With the predictions of a Majority/Minority society by 2044 in the US, how do you see this playing out within the US political system?
Based on your findings which reveal “more than half of all Americans will be part of a minority group by 2024”, how will this influence the near future of social relations in the United States?
Can the United States government fully promote inclusive politics without adopting an anti-racist praxis and acknowledging the ongoing legacies of colonialism?
Christine Sierra
How is support for deportation reflective of expansive immigration policy?
Salwa Hakem
Do you think that the persuasiveness of “Wagner” could also be attributed to ability of listeners to suspend their disbelief when faced with his words? You mentioned Hannity’s baggage, could it be that people couldn’t reconcile what they were hearing with what they have come to know Hannity for?
How can the public hold governments accountable in staying committed to containing prejudice and nativism?
Jessica Stallone
I’m curious about a theoretical link discussed. I’m curious to learn more about how the case studies that are drawn from are colonized states, but then these case studies help inform type of experiments conducted to create prescriptions about the Global North (Western European democracies). I’m curious about the link between these two sites
Jessica Stallone
(i can probably better frame over the mic)