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ECE DLS: Prof. Cherry Murray "Energy Technology Innovation to Rebuild a More Sustainable and Circular Economy" - Shared screen with speaker view
Great talk. Thank you Prof. Murray! How significant do you think local community programs are for solving the challenges you mentioned holistically? For example, local energy generation in communities. Trust in neighbourhoods to help each other financially and otherwise. Transition movements that bring more green spaces to local schools, workplaces, etc. Won’t a local approach make it easier to cross the “valleys of death”?
Thank you!
Clark C.
biomass is consider a very large source of renewable carbon. Does it make sense in terms of food security and environmental impact if we were to produce biomass en mass?
Clark C.
Great, thanks!
Thank you for your talk! What do you think is the best way to overcome political unfavourability of phasing out very carbon positive industries such as oil in Alberta or coal in Appalachia whose economies rely on continuing extraction of resources
George Eleftheriades
Are there any studies to evaluate how feasible is to power the electrical grid with renewables such as solar and wind?
Ben Goodchild
You mentioned on the graph of energy subsidies by sector the large amount still allocated to the oil and gas sectors. I noticed this amount has been reducing in recent years, do you see this trend continuing or expanding?Thank you for this very informative talk!
Husna Anwar
Thanks for the great talk! Every now and then, the IEA is accused of being overly-optimistic and even being influenced by the fossil fuel industry in their estimates. Would you say their annual World Energy Outlooks and transition goals are aggressive enough?
Frank-Edward Nemeth
Thank-you for the talk!
Ben Goodchild
Thank you again!